At Best Garden Maintenance, our lawncare specialist take pride in ensuring that your yard looks it’s best from season to season. A complete understanding and implementation of ongoing Land Care services is the heart and value of a great looking property. Is maybe just a clean up what you need to make your property look fresh , new and diferent.

Whether you want to spruce up an existing landscape or prepare your landscape for the next season, a 5 step cleanup may be just what you need. Our cleanups are much more than just a quick mulch job. Our complete landscape cleanups consist of the following services:

-trim/prune shrubs
-weed all beds
-pre-emergent weed control
-edge all beds
-apply your choice of mulch, AND MORE…

Traditionally thought of as a “spring cleanup”, this service has steadily become very popular year round. Many property owners schedule a landscape cleanup just before an important event so that everything looks nice and fresh. This is an affordable option to dramatically boost your home’s curb appeal.

Your Home Can Be A Showplace.

We will be glad to stop by your property to look at it and discuss your needs. To set up an appointment or just to ask for more information, contact us at the phone numbers and address , click on the “Contact Us” link, or send us an e-mail.

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